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Local group lobbying to cultivate Triangle Park between Queen Village and Bella Vista

About a month ago, Flying Kite told you about a pocket park in Pennsport that was made possible through the charity of a developer. Just a few miles north and west of that is another potential community park, Triangle Park, which straddles Queen Village and Bella Vista. However, it is a decidedly different story with this park, as the Friends of Triangle Park have been unsuccessfully trying to wrestle control away from a private owner for some time. In the process, they have generated considerable political and neighborhood support for community green space.

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) has extended an offer to purchase the park, but has not heard back from the owner, says Joel Palmer, head of the Friends of Triangle Park (FOTP). The main problem with the site is that it likely will need some remediation, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). "The only fly in the ointment is what are the requirements to satisfy DEP and who is gonna (sic) foot the bill," says Palmer. The Friends have no idea how much the bill is, but know it's enough for the owner to not want to pay.

Friends of Triangle Park currently aren't sure if the developer, Stuart Schlaffman who owns Condom Kingdom and The Mood on South St., wants to try to put a building on the parcel or is willing to hand the property over to the PRA. Schlaffman was initially happy to let the Friends clean up the park. However, he has recently encapsulated the park with a security fence to keep people out. In Palmer's opinion, the owner of the property has "a better chance to catch polio" than be able to sell the property, thanks to all of the DEP's regulations.   

Palmer says there is massive support for maintaining Triangle Park as green space. He says state senator Larry Farnese, district councilman Mark Squilla, and incoming state representative Brian Sims have all vowed support for Triangle Park. In addition, countless neighbors support the community park. Palmer would know, as he's the former president of the Bella Vista Town Watch

The park is at 601 Christian St, and is named for its triangle shape between the intersection of Passyunk Ave., 6th St., and Christian St. It's on a popular block, as a new residence is being constructed across the street at 606 Christian and the popular Shot Tower Coffeehouse opened at 542 Christian a little over a year ago. The triangle used to house a gas station, hence the need for environmental remediation.  

Source: Joel Palmer, Friends of Triangle Park
Writer: Andy Sharpe

Photo courtesy of Friends of Triangle Park   
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