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Frankford businesses get the chance to show off for those merely passing through

Frankford is an important gateway between Center City and Northeast Philadelphia, as it is home to the Frankford Transportation Center. But this doesn't help local businesses in Frankford, as travelers have little reason to hop off in a neighborhood that has suffered from its share of crime and blight. That's why the Frankford CDC is partnering with Aria Health to highlight shops along the Frankford Ave. commercial corridor and elsewhere in the neighborhood.

The Frankford CDC anticipates beginning its campaign in late-May, says Michelle Feldman, the commercial corridor manager at the CDC. Each quarter, four new businesses will set up shop inside the cafeteria of Aria Health's Frankford campus. Feldman says she has received interest "from a whole range of institutions and businesses" in participating. These businesses include Gilbert's Upholstery and Antiques, which has graced Frankford Ave. for more than 30 years, Frankford Friends School, Cramer's Uniforms, Mezalick Design Studio, and Denby's Sweet Sensations pastries.  

Feldman says that outreach to local businesses about the chance to be featured was done via e-mail and shop-to-shop canvassing. The latter was made much easier by the fact that Feldman is used to walking up and down Frankford Ave. and interacting with shopkeepers and employees as part of her role with the CDC. While she says the CDC focuses on businesses along the Avenue, some of the participating businesses are on Griscom St., Orthodox St., and elsewhere off of the main commercial corridor. "We're here to help all businesses," says Feldman.

Community leaders in Frankford are quick to laud Aria Health for allowing businesses to market themselves. Feldman says the idea for this campaign came from the realization that many Aria employees merely drove or walked past businesses on Frankford Ave. without actually going inside any of them. This is quite similar to the scads of El commuters who ride, drive, or walk through Frankford, but would probably have trouble naming even a few shops. The CDC hopes to generate interest in shopping and eating locally among Aria employees through this. 

Along with the marketing campaign for local businesses, there are a few other exciting things happening in Frankford. Feldman mentions the Mural Arts Program recently held two public meetings to determine the designs of the upcoming "Imagining Frankford" murals by artist Cesar Viveros. Also, Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez recently spearheaded a grant for targeted facade improvements on the 4600-block of Frankford Ave. Finally, the CDC inaugurated a new computer lab for the community, which was made possible by Philly Rising and Temple University's Computer Recycling Center

Writer: Andy Sharpe
Source: Michelle Feldman, Frankford CDC

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