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Manayunk lease falls through, but thirst for Juice Box, coworking space for parents, lives on

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be just for the young and mobile or the empty nester looking for new beginnings.  Parents with young ones, who don’t want to choose between work and family, are increasingly looking for ways to explore their entrepreneurial spirit.  Enter the appropriately named Juice Box, a Philly coworking space that will support a community of entrepreneurs looking to get their creative juices jumping; most of whom also happen to be parents.
“Our goal is create an environment where you can be more productive than at home, collaborate and socialize with others, experience those serendipitous moments that coworking communities are known for, and still stay connected to your children,” explains Aliza Schlabach, founder of Juice Box.      

Schlabach and her husband, Kevin Schlabach, are still looking for a physical location to carry out the mission of Juice Box after a recent lease in Manayunk fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. And having worked on this concept since January, the couple is extremely disappointed by this recent turn of events. Undeterred, they remain confident and eager to move forward, citing a significant demand for this type of space from people who live in Center City, Mt. Airy, Manayunk, along the Main Line and beyond.  “We're anxious to get a space open so that our community of entrepreneurial and work-from-home parents can get out of their houses, grow, and succeed together.” 
According to Schlabach, the space will be similar to Indy Hall, the popular coworking space in Old City, but with a slightly different demographic.  Yes, the space will have the typical facilities: WiFi, desks, conference rooms, coffee, etc., but will be equipped with an added bonus any entrepreneurial parent will enjoy - an adjacent but separate area for drop-in or scheduled childcare.  
Schlabach hopes the facility will become well integrated into Philly’s entrepreneurial scene, and expects to hold “lots of community events” at Juice Box. “That means hosting events in our space as well as encouraging our members to attend other events in and around Philadelphia.”
But Schlabach’s goals go far beyond hopes for just the physical space. Ultimately, helping parents’ achieve a work-life balance is what Juice Box is all about. In an effort to achieve these lofty ambitions, the facility will offer member perks such as end-of-day grocery delivery and task and errand services.  
Additionally, all members of the community, including non-parents, are welcome into Juice Box fold, hoping they can add vitality and vigor to the space’s mission and something Schlabach deems especially critical. “Growing a community of individuals with their own unique stories, experiences, and knowledge is what will allow Juice Box to truly thrive.”  

Source: Aliza Schlabach, Juice Box
Writer: Greg Meckstroth
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