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Amid major renovation, Weavers Way Co-Op pops-up with summer of fun in Mt Airy

Attention Northwest Philly residents: Weavers Way Co-op’s Mt. Airy location at 559 Carpenter Lane is undergoing a significant renovation this summer. Here’s the good news: the space overhaul will bring an expanded pet supply store and a new wellness store at 608/610 Carpenter Lane.  Part of the renovation also involves a greatly expanded bulk section. Store operators believe it will be the biggest in the city with hundreds of bulk items – nuts, grains, snacks, and other dried goods, as well as oils and vinegars, and even cleaning supplies.  
And now for the even better news: for those loyal Weavers Way customers who rely on the store’s convenient location for their grocery needs, not to worry. This past week, Weavers Way moved operations from its main store to a pop-up shop in the Co-op’s community meeting room nearby at 555 Carpenter Lane. The shop will include a selection of groceries from every department and an outdoor produce market.  
“We decided that by opening the pop-up shop, with a big outdoor produce component, we could meet most shoppers’ everyday needs,” says Jonathan McGoran, communications director for the Weavers Way Co-op. “We are also providing a shoppers’ shuttle van between our Mt. Airy store and our Chestnut Hill store, so our shoppers who are used to walking to the Mt. Airy store to do their shopping can still do so.”
Convenience seems to be the Co-op’s main priority; the shuttle will run every 20 to 30 minutes, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2–7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to–1 p.m.  
But just in case the renovation deters otherwise loyal customers, Weavers Way has arranged a variety of events including music, crafts, food truck nights, kids’ events, and parties to keep foot traffic at healthy levels. “A big consideration was to minimize any negative impact on our neighboring businesses,” McGoran clarified. “The pop-up shop will help maintain some of our foot traffic that businesses like the Highpoint Café and Big Blue Marble Bookstore depend on.”
Billed as the Weavers Way Co-op’s Mt. Airy Summer of Fun, events officially began this past weekend on July 13 with a Kick-Off Event that featured live music, a large selection of dinners and desserts from popular Philly food trucks, and a beer and wine tasting that showcased the region’s best alcoholic beverages.  For a full list of planned events throughout the summer, visit www.weaversway.coop to learn more.    
On top of this, and to keep things popping, Weavers Way is sponsoring a Mt. Airy Village Loyalty card program, raffling $5 off Weavers Way purchases of $50 or more for every ten purchases of $5 or more at the Mt. Airy Village businesses.
During construction, hours for the Pop-Up will be 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Construction at the existing Weavers Way will began in full on July 16 and is anticipated to last until the end of August.  Once the renovated co-op space opens, the pop-up will close up shop for the time being.    
And as for any other pop-up shops for other Weavers Way sites throughout Philly, that has yet to be determined.  “Right now, there are no plans for other Pop-up shops, but I wouldn’t want to rule it out,” explained McGoran.  “But we frequently have outdoor events, both in Mt. Airy and in Chestnut Hill, and we will certainly continue to do so.”

Source: Jonathan McGoran, Weavers Way Co-op
Writer: Greg Meckstroth
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