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ON THE GROUND: Hello, Germantown!

Inside 322 W. Chelten Avenue

Flying Kite's Germantown storefront

Monday, we got the keys. Wednesday, we'll be moving ourselves (and our wireless router) into 322 W. Chelten Avenue in Germantown.

There's something really exciting about arriving in a new neighborhood—where will we get coffee? Is there a decent sandwich nearby? Oh, and other non-food-or-beverage-related things, too: Will people be welcoming? How long will it take to feel at home? What will be that unexpected thing that makes this area special?

Already, since announcing our On the Ground intentions, we've experienced an outpouring of information and support from the Germantown community. Artists, community activists and people who just like where they live have given us tips, invited us to their events and promised to connect us to all the right people. We hope that keeps coming

Local artists, in particular, should reach out to us (email feedback@flyingkitemedia.com)—our arts writer Bonnie MacAllister will be helping us curate an exhibition for our space and we'd love wide representation from the neighborhood. The period for submissions will be January 15 through January 25.

Speaking of that space, we're incredibly excited to be back in a storefront—and closer to the spirit of being On the Ground. We welcome drop-ins, and hope that some of our best story ideas come from the serendipity of simply spending time in Germantown. We're also directly across from the Chelten Avenue regional rail station, so Center City-ites have no excuse not to visit.

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding a kick-off party!

A very special thanks to Ken Weinstein, Stan Smith, Noah Krey and the whole team at PhillyOfficeRetail.com for all their help.

LEE STABERT is managing editor of Flying Kite.
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