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Keystone Edge is back!

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

In August, our sister publication Keystone Edge -- dedicated to covering what's next and best in Pennsylvania -- went on hiatus. The goal was to retool and relaunch, and we're happy to announce that the day has arrived. Lee Stabert, editor of Flying Kite, remains at the helm of both magazines. Check out her note below and click here to subscribe.

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 13 million residents across nearly 50,000 square miles, 67 counties, and countless communities. But if the writers, publishers, and partners at Keystone Edge have learned one thing covering this vast and diverse place since 2008, it’s that the small stuff makes the biggest difference. Stories about unique towns, passionate educators, creative scientists, engaged community groups and indefatigable entrepreneurs have been enjoyed and shared by more than 1,000,000 readers and counting.

But we can always do more. In the past few months, Keystone Edge has reinvented itself to better cover the things that make PA a great place to live and work: from the successful startup founder taking time to mentor the next generation, to the fledgling brewery transforming a small town’s main street, to the river that used to carry the instruments of industry now carrying kayakers and daytrippers.

We’ve got a new look and a new publishing schedule. In our (now) monthly magazine, you’ll find features on higher ed, urban rebirth, growing companies, travel destinations, products made in PA — from wine to medical devices to robots — cozy hamlets and evolving cities. You’ll also see a news section covering events, awards, local leaders and intriguing inventions.
Overall, Keystone Edge aims to offer an in-depth look at the ways the state is moving into the future.

Click here to meet the team.

Lee Stabert
Editor in Chief
Keystone Edge
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