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Successful video-software entrepreneur unleashes a simplified personal computing platform

You may imagine successful technology entrepreneurs helping build innovative platforms, selling the company and then sipping a drink on a sunny beach somewhere. Not Fred Allegrezza. After selling AnySource Media--the video software firm he and his partners sold to Divx in 2008--Allegrezza returns with Telikin, the Linux-based PC platform he created to battle the big guns at Apple and Microsoft and make personal computing easier for users 55 and older.

Telikin combines today's most popular features--email, internet access, games, photo sharing, social media--and combines them into a more intuitive, touch-screen design. On November 26, the Telikin hit stores, showing up in eight Philadelphia Clear Wireless locations just in time for Black Friday.

"Telikin is right in this mix between people who are frustrated with Windows computers and all the problems and Apple might be a solution but it is still a lot more expensive" says Allegrezza. "We are not the computer you use if you want to design a house or manage your accounting systems. But it does come with preloaded applications, they all work and they all play nice together."

Telikin was born three years ago, when Allegrezza's mother entered an assisted-living facility. He created a modified Mac computer that would auto-answer Skype calls and manage pictures more easily so that she could stay in touch with her family. The name Telikin comes from the combination of telecommunications and kin, or family. But what started as a device for seniors has become something Allegrezza believes can really challenge America's PC giants.

"What we found, as we were working with customers looking for their senior parents, many were saying 'I want one of these for myself,' says Allegrezza. "It had a broader appeal than we had anticipated so we added in word processing and printing to make it a full-blown computer that even power users can enjoy."

Source: Fred Allegrezza, Telikin
Writer: John Steele
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