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SEPTA's Pass Perks connecting riders with businesses, expanding in October

Next time you swipe your SEPTA Trans- or Trailpass, you might be getting more than just a ride. In fact, SEPTA has a program called Pass Perks, where you can use your SEPTA pass to get discounts and freebies from Philadelphia-area stores, restaurants, and other establishments.

SEPTA's Director of Marketing, Richard DiLullo, is proud of the work his office has done to make Pass Perks successful. "It's a win-win for everybody," said DiLullo. DiLullo was especially eager to point out how many businesses found out about and decided to join Pass Perks on their own, as SEPTA has done very "little solicitation to businesses." DiLullo said SEPTA will be expanding its Pass Perks promotion come October.

Businesses that participate in SEPTA Pass Perks seem proud to do so. "Connecting SEPTA riders with neighborhood businesses helps to revitalize and stabilize our commercial corridors," said Ken Weinstein, owner of Mt. Airy's Trolley Car Diner and Deli and Chair of the Mt. Airy Business Improvement District. "I would encourage my fellow small business owners to participate."

Indeed, it looks like many businesses have opted to enroll in Pass Perks, as the program's website shows 159 businesses. These businesses are quite varied, including restaurants, shops, museums, and hotels, and can be found all over Southeastern Pennsylvania.

SEPTA's DiLullo pointed out just how valuable some of the perks can be. Upon searching the Pass Perks website, it didn't take him long to find a $250 mortgage incentive reimbursement being offered as a perk. Another quirky bargain pass perk is $60 savings for a first visit at Quest Chiropractic. DiLullo made sure to say that SEPTA is always willing to explore "co-promotional opportunities," and added that his agency has a part-time employee who contacts local chambers of commerce.

Both Trolley Car Diner and SEPTA reiterated the importance of linking businesses with alternative modes of transportation. "The connection between business and sustainable transportation should be stronger than it is," said Trolley Car's Weinstein. "At Trolley Car Diner, our customers and staff rely on SEPTA to get to the restaurants on a daily basis."

Source: Richard DiLullo, SEPTA Pass Perks
Writer: Andy Sharpe

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