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With record growth and award-winning search engine technology, Delaware's eZanga expands

When husband and wife team Beth and Rich Kahn renovated their home in 2003, they found a frog stuck in the concrete foundation. The frog died and it always stuck with the couple. After founding EZanga.com in 2003, the Middletown, Del.-based company was facing a similar situation: stuck in a tough spot in a crowded search engine market with no escape. But by 2005, eZanga had shifted gears, not only helping people find each other on the internet but helping clients reach customers on every available search engine at once to drive sales traffic. Today, that frog has become eZanga's mascot and has taken on a new life as the official spokes-amphibian for one of the region's most successful companies. What a difference a few years makes.

"We actually don't have a business plan for the company. We have a direction and goals but the problem with a business plan is that it locks you into certain things," says Kahn. "It's about keeping an eye on what is going on on the internet and changing to go with the times

With 657 percent revenue growth between 2005 and 2009 and an award-winning search marketing platform, eZanga has appeared on the national Deloitte Fast 500 and took home a Philadelphia 100 award this fall. As the company enters its eighth year, eZanga looks to release two new search platforms and eyes expansion in the new year. 

"The platforms we have been rolling out are in response to certain platforms we find on the web," says founder and CEO Rich Kahn. "We like these platforms but we find that they are not efficient so we sit down and rebuild them ourselves. By the beginning of next year, we will be rolling out these new platforms and hope to double or triple our growth."

Source: Rich Kahn, eZanga.com
Writer: John Steele
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