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Hiring: Kimmel Center strategy job could be a springboard

Attention recent grads: One of city's premier venues for arts and culture has just posted a job in its Strategy and Planning Office. It's a temporary position that is destined to place the right person in front of some of Philadelphia's movers and shakers, according to Beryl Byles, an executive coach who is fielding and screening resumes as a favor to her colleagues at the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts.

This job has a long title and a short life," explains Byles of the posting for Strategy Specialist and Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning. With just a five-month term, the open position will be filled ideally by "a real self starter who is quantitatively strong, creative and alert," says Byles, who adds that the ideal candidate will have strong computer and people skills but doesn't know quite how to navigate the job market. "It's a perfect transition from school to a real career."

The job would be an entree into the world of the arts as well as the world of business. The Strategy Specialist will go out into the business community, accompanying the SVP of Strategy and Planning as well as the President, serving as a poised and professional representative of the Kimmel among the city's movers and shakers.

Byles also frames the position as fulfilling a gap year for someone who is seeking a new type of employment. The five month post pays a total of $14,000 and while it is a limited engagement, Byles says the amount of built-in networking will provide plenty of opportunity for advancement, either within the Kimmel administration or through newly forged connections. By the way, this job is not being advertised on the usual help wanted sites. It's strictly word of mouth, according to Byles. To apply for the position or get further info, email your resume or questions.

Source: Beryl Byles, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Writer: Sue Spolan

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