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Fabricating and coworking at The Factory in Collingswood, NJ

Tom Marchetty and his team are creating a mecca for creative types in the old Collingswood Theater in Collingswood, NJ. When complete, "The Factory" will feature tools for woodworking, jewelry-making, ceramics, metalworking and other DIY ventures. Locals can either rent studio space or pay a monthly rate to use the over $200,000 worth of equiptment.

"So I started thinking, what if I put all of this equipment into a location for people that don’t have a garage or basement? They don’t have a place to build and create, and now they can come here and actually make their dreams into reality.
“That’s why I call it The Factory," [Marchetty] said. "We produce and make whatever we want. Anything you want to make or build, you can do it here.”

Original Source: CollingswoodPatch
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