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Phila2035: West Park District Residents Take Lead in Planning

Home to large cultural assets and smaller long-neglected neighborhoods, the West Park District is among the first to move forward with planning and development as part of the citywide Philadelphia 2035 initiative.

Love Your Park

Citywide Fall Cleaning at 44 Parks

Led by an inspiring effort at Mt. Airy, hundreds of volunteers will be at Philly's parks on Saturday for an ambitious cleanup.                                                    Find out where and how you and your friends can help.

Higher Education thumb

Higher Education is Apparently Recession-Proof Here

Earlier this week, Select Greater Philadelphia released its 2010 Higher Education Impact report, an updated version of its 2007 study, and the findings were largely encouraging

Weed Eaters

FLYING PHOTO: Urban Foraging with The Wild Foodies of Philly

Within Greater Philadelphia's considerable foodie community is a sub-genre known as Wild Foodies who are spreading the seed of wild edibles, both plants and small critters, that are found just outside our doors.

Design Philly Kicks Off

Innovate or Die: DesignPhiladelphia Pumps Up Creatives

Led by festival founder and design guru Hilary Jay, DesignPhiladelphia has established itself as an organic, comprehensive and cutting-edge festival that is the envy of other cities and the pride of ours. It's on Oct. 7-17 all over Philly.
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Nakia Stith

Nakia Stith

Her safety consultancy and management firm goes beyond uniformed guards to create safer communities, schools and facilities.

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