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For Bettie Page Clothing, East Coast expansion starts at 16th and Walnut

Bettie Page Clothing

Come this September, Center City’s shopping scene is going retro with the opening of Bettie Page Clothing at 1605 Walnut Street.  The traditionally west coast boutique has seen incredible growth since opening its first store in Las Vegas five years ago, opening numerous additional stores in places like San Francisco, San Diego and, coming this fall, Philadelphia.

Based in Vegas, the boutique, backed by publicly traded Tatyana Designs, Inc. specializes in designs inspired by the 50s and the iconic pin-up queen Bettie Page.  Launched in 2007, the company has grown dramatically since, posting $8 million in revenue in 2011, with sales up 55 percent for the first five months in 2012.

Beyond the U.S., the Bettie Page Clothing brand has started to go global, with boutiques in 57 countries around the world selling its products. According to Jan Glaser, co-owner of Bettie Page Clothing, the line is very popular in Australia, Europe and Canada. 

The company has been looking to expand their global reach with an eye on the East Coast as its next venture.  With plenty of world class cities to pick from, the owners ultimately thought Philly was the clear choice for their first East Coast store.  “The residents are fashion conscious and urbane, with Philadelphia boasting a huge number of art museums, music venues, top flight restaurants and a merging of cultures from around the world,” comments Jan Glaser – co-owner of Bettie Page Clothing.

Lead designer Tatyana Khomyakova, shares this sentiment: "I think that my designs fit the 'Big city lifestyle.'  Ladies in Philadelphia like to dress up and be seen as feminine but with a definite sense of confidence. I try to portray that strength of femininity in the Bettie Page boutiques.”

Glaser and Khomyakova apparently mean what they espouse – Bettie Page has signed a 10-year lease at their new Walnut Street digs, signifying they are committed to making it work in Philly. 

The new Bettie Page store will be open in September, something Glaser in particular is looking forward to.  “This location has a special meaning for me,” he explains.  “I was born in Philadelphia and have always had a great fondness for this city.”             

Source: Jan Glaser, Co-owner of Bettie Page Clothing; Tatyana Khomyakova, Tatyana Designs, Inc.
Writer: Greg Meckstroth
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