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Parkside events

On the Ground: It's a party in Parkside! Check out these upcoming events

Check out these awesome upcoming events at A Poet Art Gallery, Flying Kite's home On the Ground in Parkside. Whether you're looking to check out local art or get info on going back to college, we've got you covered.

JOIN's Jennie Sparandara

JOIN's big announcement should be a "Win-Win" for the region

At a recent event co-hosted by Flying Kite, the Job Opportunity Investment Network announced an ambitious grant program to promote innovation in the workforce development space.

JOIN's Jennie Sparandara

Q&A: JOIN's Jennie Sparandara

Flying Kite chatted with the organization's director about the importance of collaboration, the skills gap and Philadelphia's unique workforce challenges -- and opportunities. Starting with her time in the Mayor's Office, this passionate leader witnessed the interconnectedness of human capital issues, and is working to tap the region's canniest employers and most aggressive advocates to solve the jobs riddle.

2014's TEDx Philadelphia

TEDxPhiladelphia returns with a manifesto for the 'New Workshop of the World'

Friday's showcase of 'ideas worth sharing' made an argument for Philadelphia as 'The New Workshop of the World.' Speakers touched on education, development, access and modern manufacturing.

Peter Cappelli at the JOIN(t) Action Forum

JOIN(t) Action Recap: Talking jobs and making connections

This interactive event brought together employers, nonprofits and thought leaders to talk workforce development.

Hadass Sheffer

Q&A: Graduate! Philadelphia's Hadass Sheffer

Hadass Sheffer is one of the founding forces behind The Graduate! Network, an organization that works to help adults complete college. Here in the region, Graduate! Philadelphia has helped over 2,500 older students earn valuable degrees. The upside to engaging and empowering this population is exponential -- they set an example for the next generation and translate newly acquired skills directly into the workforce. Flying Kite caught up with Sheffer by phone, chatting about the genesis of Graduate! Philadelphia, the challenges faced by older students and the tremendous impact these initiatives can have on the city. (Continue reading here.)

Sarina Coleman

Improving our city's economy through education

A coalition of government officials, educators, community organizations, businesses and non-profits are working to move more underserved Philadelphians into college and on to the workforce. Even an incremental increase in educational attainment rates could have a huge impact on the city's economy.

Shelley Spector at the NextFab space

Inventing the Future: Local makers flex their talents at the city's 'gym for innovators'

NextFab Studio, Philly's open-to-all high-tech workshop, has new digs packed with 3-D printers, industrial textile machines, revolutionary software and much more.

Tristin Hightower

Code Word: Tristin Hightower extends the invitation

This local tech maven's events aim to make even techies-in-training feel comfortable.

Science Center turns 50

Inventing the Future: The Science Center turns 50

Flying Kite helps celebrate 50 years of 'Inventing the Future' at the University City Science Center.

Mary Claire Cruz for Campus Philly

FROM THE EDITOR: How to build a #brainmagnet

Campus Philly's annual meeting provided a window into the city's allure. Highlights included a talk from Inside Higher Ed co-founder Doug Lederman.

Taila Goldberg

College Credit: Venture capital for students by students

First Round Captial's innovative Dorm Room Fund gives a boost to student-run startups.

Ucd Porch

Young Talent, Bold Moves: Behind the Scenes at University City District

A talented core of 30-somethings with diverse backgrounds, a willingness to try new things and a clear vision keep UCD's impact strong.


Change By Degrees: Talent Dividend at Work in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is well-positioned to compete for the $1M prize that will go the city that raises its college attainment the most.
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