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Founders : High Technology

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Bernardo Cordovez of Optofluidics

The first purchase orders are coming in for his company, which is commercializing a breakthrough method to capture and hold tiny particles.

Questions with Bernardo Cordovez of Optofluidics

Daniel Mollicone of Pulsar Informatics

A partnership forged with a renowned sleep researcher in his backyard has led to an incredibly impactful technology engineering company.

Questions with Daniel Mollicone of Pulsar Informatics


University of British Columbia

High School:
Kennedy High School

Ben Doranz of Integral Molecular

He has helped drive growth because of his diverse scientific, commercialization and entrpreneurial background, all from the comfort of Philadelphia's brainiest square mile.

Questions with Ben Doranz of Integral Molecular


Cornell University

High School:
Annendale High School

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