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One man's sustainable one-man show proves inspiring

Philly theater guru Thaddeus Phillips brings Nikola Tesla to life in one-man show called Capsule 33, meant to spark ideas about sustainability, reports The (Colorado Springs) Gazette.

Few performers on the international theater circuit light up with the kind of alternative current that Phillips does. The '94 Colorado College graduate approaches each theatrical challenge like an off-center inventor.

Take "Capsule 33," a one-man show (created with his wife, Tatiana Mallarino) about a Serbian astrophysicist who becomes the last holdout in an odd Tokyo tower targeted for demolition. The play is about sustainability and the things, people and ideas we throw away.

"The whole show's sustainable," Phillips, 38, says with a mad glint in his eye, stalking around his set wearing a towel, a pipe wedged in his mouth. "We don't plug into the power grid at all. Everything is powered on those two little generators."

Original source: The (Colorado Springs) Gazette
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