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West Philadelphia

Some say you can find everything you need to know about the city right here, from Overbrook to Mantua. Dominated by diversity, entrepreneurship, design, arts and culture, higher education, life sciences and neighborhood innovation, the brightest minds in the world are studying, researching, creating and growing in University City. The Enterprise Center CDC is a major contributor through its small business and community development efforts.


Gabriel Mandujano

Gabriel Mandujano

Gabriel Mandujano is the founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Wash Cycle Laundry, a triple-bottom-line social enterprise that provides much-needed corporate laundry services while also providing green economy jobs to folks returning to the workforce.

Aaron Goldstein, William Duckworth, Becca Goldstein and Collin Hill of Fever Smart

Exploring the lifestages of an entrepreneur via four Philly companies

Like all organisms, founders start small and evolve. But instead of birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, they mature from intellectual capital to incubation, bootstrapping to venture capital, startup to established company.

Connecting local kids to food

On the Ground: The Farm at Bartram's Garden cultivates community

Every year, this four-acre plot produces 12,000 pounds of food, welcomes 10,000 school kids, employs 22 high school interns, hosts 45 families in a community garden, distributes 80,000 seedlings, supplies 50 farmstands and welcomes 1500 volunteers. And there's more.

Homeschooler Days at Bartram's Garden

PHILLY 3 FOR ALL: Homeschooler Days at Bartram's, Jazz in West Philly, and arts on the river

Check out our picks for the week's top events.

The view from Bartram's Garden

Bike, learn, grow, row or wed at Bartram's Garden in Southwest Philly

This historic site is reinventing itself for the 21st century, emphasizing both attracting new visitors -- with help from an ambitious trail project -- and connecting with the surrounding neighborhoods.
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West Philadelphia Founders

Vladimir Kanin of Optiflame Solutions

Vladimir Kanin of Optiflame Solutions

The first Russian company inside the University City Science Center aims to bring wind turbines to residential areas.

Nakia Stith

Nakia Stith

Her safety consultancy and management firm goes beyond uniformed guards to create safer communities, schools and facilities.

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