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Higher Education

With more than 120,000 college students within the city limits and about 300,000 region-wide, Greater Philadelphia is one of the nation's largest college metropolitan areas, and its higher education assets are among the region's most valuable. With close to 100 institutions of higher education, the industry is also among the region's leading employers. From groundbreaking scientific and social research and increasing technology and intellectual property commercialization to community development and job training, Greater Philadelphia's colleges and universities are closely tied to the region's growth. Campus Philly, an increasingly engaged non-profit focused on connecting students with the region, has taken the lead in making town and gown more effectively connected.


Aaron Goldstein, William Duckworth, Becca Goldstein and Collin Hill of Fever Smart

Exploring the lifestages of an entrepreneur via four Philly companies

Like all organisms, founders start small and evolve. But instead of birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, they mature from intellectual capital to incubation, bootstrapping to venture capital, startup to established company.

A textile lab at Drexel

Weaving together innovation at Drexel University

The earliest civilizations knew how to weave fiber into textiles. But those products bear little resemblance to the high-tech "functional fabrics" being engineered in Philadelphia -- these miraculous materials can see, hear, sense and communicate.

uCity Square from 37th Street

Say goodbye to the University City you know

Whether it's Drexel's Schuylkill Yards strategy, the Science Center's uCity Square expansion or visions for capping and developing the rail yards north of 30th Street Station, the neighborhood we see today is not long for this world.

Parkside events

On the Ground: It's a party in Parkside! Check out these upcoming events

Check out these awesome upcoming events at A Poet Art Gallery, Flying Kite's home On the Ground in Parkside. Whether you're looking to check out local art or get info on going back to college, we've got you covered.

A work in progress at EAT Cafe

New West Philly cafe aims to bring everyone to the table

At EAT Cafe, local families will be able to pay-what-they-can and enjoy a delicious sit-down meal. This community restaurant, backed by Drexel and the Vetri Foundation, could serve as a model for how food can transform a community.
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